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Adsense Approval Guide for Beginners

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By following these steps you can get an adsense approval on any of your blog. So read the following steps carefully and follow them exactly the way they are being said, If you still have some queries, try sending a message on our instagram https://instagram.com/webbeastyt

STEP 1 : You should have a Top-Level Domain Like .com, .co, .org, .new, .in etc. Never use Free domains like .tk and avoid using .blogspot.com as it might take you months to get adsense approval in .blogspot.com domain.

STEP 2 : Select any Niche of your choice which does not violates Google adsense policies like try avoiding Copyrighted content and Pronographic Content.

NOTE : You can use both Wordpress and Blogger for blog as it hardly matters

STEP 3 : You need to Post 20 Articles, each with length 1000 Words or more. Don’t copy any of the content from other sites ranked on google and try to be as unique and original as possible.

STEP 4 : Now Create pages Like Privacy Policy, About Us, Contact Us etc. We have a Free WebBeast tool for the Page creation where you can easily create all of these pages with 1-Click. Click Here to Create yours.

STEP 4 : Add your site to Google WebMaster tool and Manually index all of your Links to get them indexed in just 5-Mins.


Now Apply for Adsense account and you will get your adsense account.

For some rare cases (5 %) You will still receive disapproval from adsense, don’t worry, try adding 5 more unique articles and reapply. You will get your adsense for sure.

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